Image: Toho

One of the great tragedies of all time is that Akira – one of the most influential anime and manga series – has never received a decent video game adaptation. Sure, people have tried, but the resultant efforts always seemed to fall short of the greatness of Katsuhiro Otomo's masterpiece.

It turns out we almost had the next best thing in 1996 – an N64 game that borrowed heavily from Akira's aesthetic without actually being an official game. OutSider was never officially announced at the time, but one of the developers behind it has released images on Twitter.

It was mooted as an open-world bike game, with the main vehicle looking a lot like a cross between Kaneda's iconic red motorcycle and a Light Cycle from Disney's equally seminal Tron. The screenshots show the bike navigating a futuristic city, not entirely unlike Neo Tokyo from Akira. It's not known how far development progressed before the plug was pulled.

The developer who has shared these images hints that the game was inspired by western titles and that it was ultimately canned due to the arrival of Climax Entertainment's thematically-similar PlayStation title Runabout in 1997 (also known as Felony 11-79).

[source twitter.com, via unseen64.net]