Image: Gotcha Gotcha

Gotcha Gotcha Games is bringing its retro-styled vertical shooter, Thunder Striker, to Switch on 20th January and it looks like some absolutely sweet 8-bit Game Boy-esque action if these screenshots are anything to go by.

Described as "The fourth installment in the fictional "GAME BUDDY" portable game series", the game — which was created using Pixel Game Maker MV — seems to have really nailed the look and feel of classic Game Boy shooters. We'd love to see it in motion, but short of a trailer just check out the screenshots below the following press info and tell us you ain't itching to get on this one!

Pixel Game Maker Series THUNDER STRIKER is a vertical scrolling shooter with a retro flavor.
You can choose between a laser and a wide range of trajectories for your primary weapon, and three different power-ups for your subweapons!
Each weapon can be powered up to five levels.
so find the most advantageous combination for each stage and boss!

The enemies that stand in your way will attack you with a variety of weapons, including ballistic missiles and guided missiles.
In a pinch, use the Bomber for emergency evasion, and enjoy hardcore play!

There's already been a number of really interesting looking games that are part of the Pixel Game Maker MV series, all built using the 2D action game-making software (which is currently on sale on Steam). The the likes of Medium-Naut and retro puzzler JEWELiNX both look like particularly nice retro homages, with the latter also recalling the good old days of green-grey Game Boy action.

You can check out the latter in action in the video below.

Thunder Striker (or Pixel Game Maker Series THUNDER STRIKER, to give its full title) is out on 20th January for $11.99.

Will you be jumping into some retro shooter action with Thunder Striker? We do love a bit of Solar Striker. Make sure to let us know in the comments!