Developer Blue Boss and publisher Gotcha Gotcha Games have revealed that Medium-Naut is coming to the Nintendo Switch today.

Created by Takumi Naramura, the brains behind the La-Mulana series, Medium-Naut was made using Pixel Game Maker MV and is billed as a sci-fi action / horror title that sees you investigating a crashed spaceship in order to find survivors. As you can imagine, things don't go according to plan, and as you explore the craft and collect ID cards, you'll encounter a whole host of monsters after your blood.

Here's some PR:

The space pioneer ship Ostracida has crashed on an uncharted planet, but the survey team that went to rescue the survivors was unable to enter the ship and return.

They were unable to enter the ship due to psychic phenomena.

So they ask a psychic medium, "Yumi Kisara spiritist" to investigate the crashed ship.

The objective is to recover the ID chips of the passengers and investigate the ship, but it seems that there is "something" lurking that cannot be easily solved.

Medium-Naut arrived on PC via Steam on 21st December, with the Switch version launching today.