Zelda Breath of the Wild

Of all Nintendo's leading protagonists, Link has to be right up there on the more badass end of the scale – although he's also somehow on the more lovably ditzy end, too. We'd argue Link's coolness can be put down to three things: his heroic, world-saving attitude; the way he cuddles cats in Zelda: Twilight Princess; and how he can bop a Bokoblin right between the eyeballs with an expertly-placed arrow while riding a horse. What a guy.

Sadly, though, we have some bad news. You see, Link's bow and arrow technique sucks.

That's according to a professional instructor at Ridgeline Mounted Archers, a place in Oregon that teaches mounted archery (aka shooting imaginary Bokoblins with an expertly-placed arrow while riding a horse). On Tiktok, the instructor explains that Link uses an 'inverted two-finger' draw in Breath of the Wild, which is apparently a bad idea as it pushes your arrow in the opposite direction of where you want it to go.

Still, Link seems to get on just fine with his poor technique, so it's probably best to just leave him to it. Maybe he just learnt that method from a young age and can't change his ways? Maybe we're putting too much thought into this?

Either way, now you know that you probably shouldn't copy your heroes. Especially when it comes to shooting fictional beasts.

[source tiktok.com, via polygon.com]