Have you ever wondered what it would be like to jam the full power of the Game Boy Advance into a Tiger Electronics handheld gaming system from the '80s? Probably not, but one guy who always wanted to make his dreams come true was hardware modder and creator Chris Downing.

Downing admits it's technically nothing more than a simple case mod - placing the GBA's internals inside the Tiger portable unit, along with a few hardware upgrades. Although it was meant to be a "pretty straightforward project" certain parts of it like the 3D printing actually turned into a bit of a nightmare.

You can see the whole project in the video above, but if you haven't got time to view it - here's a look at the device's final form:

The Tiger Boy Advance
Image: Downing's Basement

The final version of the system is actually a little bigger, and comes with a custom-printed and CNC cut screen protector, USB-C charging and an IPS screen. And just like the GBA, it can play older Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.

You can see more of Downing's crazy creations over on his website and YouTube channel - he's previously put entire Nintendo 64 units into portable cases. What do you think of this Tiger Electronics x GBA hybrid? Leave your thoughts down below.