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The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop - Highlights

RPGolf Legends (KEMCO, 20th Jan, $29.99) - Join forces with the spirit of a golf club and embark on a grand quest to become a legend and save the sport of golf from an evil force in this golf-action-adventure. Travel around in a unique open world where monsters and golf coexist, help people with their quests, acquire new skills, special items and more! Whether you spend your time golfing, fishing, crafting or exploring, your fantastic journey is about to start!

Baby Storm (21st Jan, $19.99) - Your mission is to take care of adorable (and sometimes troublemaking) kids in a kindergarten! You are equipped with toys for playtime, food for mealtime, wipes, diapers and even a nifty radio-controlled vacuum robot to help you with cleaning. Maintain order, run, clean and feed your way to the highest score, in solo or local multiplayer mode with up to four players. Make your way through clever and original levels, earn loads of points, unlock new stages and features, and encounter special babies with mysterious powers. Should you succeed in your mission, you’ll become the best babysitter in the universe!

Switch eShop - New Releases

AirRevo (14th Jan, $3.99) - Climb into the cockpit and pilot your red stunt plane as far and as fast as you can over a landscape of mountains, lakes, the big city, a bustling international airport, and more! Collect silver and gold stars along the way to earn points and make it up the tournament scoreboard, but be warned, the competition is tough. Don’t run out of fuel or crash too many times as you’ll be out of the competition – and don’t run out of time either! Also try completing the many achievements set in the tournament, including barrel rolling, trick flying, and even causing water and snow sprays! So strap yourself in and get ready for a fast, exciting, and fun flight into the wide blue yonder.

Alien Destroyer (20th Jan, $0.99) - Alien robots are attacking. The last piece of land is rapidly collapsing. Destroy all enemies and survive.

Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest (25th Jan, $14.99) - Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest is a classic point and click adventure game! A lightning strike ignites a breathtaking chain of events, and a blogger follows the Grim Reaper to Hell. Angelo’s channel suffers from a lack of likes and views. He needs them. At any cost. Deciding to record his journey to another world with the Grim Reaper, he hopes he can create the most trending, most liked, most hyped video of all time. Unfortunately for Angelo, that world is Hell. And it’s inhabited by people with more than a few problems, who will need his help. Make a visit to the Devil himself! But be careful because. . . well…you'll see.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator (20th Jan, $14.99) - Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is the ultimate physics-based battle simulator sandbox! Place two opposing armies made of different types of beasts and watch them tear each other apart in an epic battle! As the creatures fight, you can see the limbs bending, necks twisting, and bodies flying around everywhere! Huge variety of creatures: T-Rex, spinosaurus, triceratops, tiger, elephant, rhinoceros, werewolf, minotaur, wyvern, hydra, spartan warrior, archer, Titanoboa, giant crocodiles, hellhound, giant insects, skeleton warriors, and many more units to play with! Dinosaurs, fantasy creatures, mutant primates, demonic monsters, you can find it all here! You can even attach weapons to the animals! Put some huge guns, rocket launchers, and crossbows on a T-Rex and watch the havoc it wreaks!

AnShi (Heideland GameWorks, 18th Jan, $17.99) - Grab your hoverboard and explore the ancient, mysterious world of AnShi as you glide across caves, large deserts and old temple ruins to discover its secrets. With the company of an energy being you explore this vast world together. Discover what happened to the planet and its being. Featuring stunning visuals and an original soundtrack, AnShi delivers a relaxing, unique, breathtaking experience.

Arcade Archives GUNNAIL (13th Jan, $7.99) - "GUNNAIL" is a shooting game released by NMK in 1993. This game has a feature called the MULTIPLE SHIELD SYSTEM where you'll get a higher score the fewer shields you have. Experience hardcore gameplay mechanics typical of NMK, and an intense scoring system! The "Arcade Archives" series has faithfully reproduced many classic Arcade masterpieces. Players can change various game settings such as game difficulty, and also reproduce the atmosphere of arcade display settings at that time. Players can also compete against each other from all over the world with their high scores. Please enjoy the masterpiece that built a generation for video games. *The options menu and manual are available in Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Attack on Beetle (PLiCy, 17th Jan, $5.99) - "Attack on Beetle" is the "Insect swarm battle simulation game" created by montarosu entertainment. The player takes on the role of various kinds of "insects", and builds up a horde of insects by defeating the hostile insects. In this game, it is possible to create hordes consisted of more than 200 insects. Enjoy the flashy clashes between the hordes of insects! This product is a joint development between PLiCy and montarosu entertainment.

Blackwind (Blowfish Studios, 20th Jan, $24.99) - Blackwind is a top-down sci-fi action game that puts you in the shoes of a teenager trapped inside a prototype battle armor suit during an alien invasion. Face off against enemies, cut through their ranks, and fight back in a last-ditch attempt to stop a planetary invasion.

Cat Go! Ultimate Challenge (15th Jan, $4.99) - Collect as many fishes as you can and share them with Kotofei. For the fishes You will get a lot of trendy, cute and colorful hats. Make your cat the most fashionable one in the town. Do you know what an infinite engine is? No? So kittens don't know! Explore that mechanism and give Your cat an endless happiness!

Cop Car Police Simulator Chase (17th Jan, $14.99) - Experience the exciting day-to-day life of an US police officer in Police Squad Simulator. Discover a large, lively and freely-accessible US city and ensure the safety in your district. Record traffic accidents, search for stolen vehicles and arrest criminals. Support other police officers at traffic checkpoints, flag down speeders and write them up. Stop and check every citizen or car you want and enforce the law. Pay attention to fugitive suspects and chase them on foot or by car with lights flashing and sirens blaring. Investigate crime scenes, interrogate witnesses and search for evidence. Get behind the wheel of three realistically recreated police vehicles with functional cockpits and use the in-car-computer to identify wanted suspects and stolen vehicles. Start with a typical police sedan and change to an all-terrain SUV and a fast police muscle car while you progress in the game. Use the siren to stop cars or to pave your way through heavy traffic in an emergency.

Demon Hunter: Ascendance (20th Jan, $14.99) - You are Hector Cole, member of a long-forgotten order and a freelance Demon Hunter. As a specialist in paranormal investigations, your skills are highly sought-after by those with problems of an otherworldly nature. One such a person is Edmund Strange, the owner and curator of The Museum of Mysticism and Monstrosity. Not long ago, a visitor to the museum vanished under mysterious circumstances. Now that all rational methods of finding him have been exhausted, you are the curator’s last hope before word of this disaster reaches the media. It falls upon you to solve this mystery and banish any horrors, ghosts or monsters that plague that place. You have bested evil before, yet as you arrive at the scene you feel a tingling sensation of being watched by someone. . . or something.

Dragon Hills 2 (20th Jan, $17.00) - Here we go again! Meet our fearless girl, a few years later! Zombies! …Where? ? ? …Dragons! …What? ? ? Cowboys, armored mechs and spaceships! Why? ! So many questions. . . No time for answers now, guys. The zombie apocalypse is already here! Hurry up! Hop on your machine dragon and fight to save humanity! Slide down the hills jumping into and out of the ground, crashing and destroying everything on your way in this action-packed adventure. Discover thrilling and magical lands filled with zombies, giants, dragons and tons of surprises.

Dungeons of Shalnor (21st Jan, $9.99) - "An Eye for Immortality… What a terrible price to pay for such a terrible curse! " Dungeons of Shalnor is a tactical Roguelike game. It features a Turn-Based combat along with a "Turn the camera" mechanic that also turns all monsters and projectiles, causing interesting outcomes such as: Monsters walking into traps; or attacking one another. Find powerful Artifacts and Blessings in each dungeon run. With the right combination, you might even feel like a god. There are many different types of monsters, and each move and behave differently in puzzle-like patterns. Every time you die, your gold is transformed into Ghost Coins, which can be used to purchase permanent Upgrades in the Spirit Shop. The game uses a Half-Procedural generation method to create random encounters but also familiar scenes.

Ellada Games RPG Bundle (Ellada Games, 10th Jan, $39.99) - A special selection of the best RPG games in one bundle. Surviving in the cold harsh world of Niffelheim you can become a Viking, a valkyrie, or a shaman. Explore this dangerous world and find your path to Valhalla! Spaceland - a game for true sci-fi fans lets you assemble the most daring cosmic ranger team and unravel the secrets of a mystical planet. Would you prefer to be a brave pirate or a sorcerer's apprentice? All these characters are waiting for you in our turn-based strategy Braveland Trilogy! Control squads of archers, healers, crossbowmen, and knights to dominate this colorful world!

Froggy Crossing (26th Jan, $2.99) - Help Froggy the frog fill his belly with yummy coins! But be carrefull, you'll have to cross roads full of danger. . . Get new characters to play with using your collected coins. Have fun!

Go Minimal (21st Jan, $4.99) - - Online multiplayer, play Blitz (30 seconds) or Classic (10 minutes) match - Global leaderboards, Elo rating system - Private online games with your friend - Local multiplayer on a single device - Touch support - Beautiful minimal design Go is an abstract strategy board game for two players in which the aim is to surround more territory than the opponent.

Hammer Kid (22nd Jan, $9.99) - The terrible "Szymon Spitfire" sends his armada of monsters to the small village of "Vivid Island". Of all things, a little boy, armed only with a hammer, is the only one brave enough to stand up to the evil. Use the power of your hammer as you travel to four mystical lands. In 40 huge levels you will encounter dozens of enemies and dangerous bosses. Collect precious green and red jewels, explore the world and discover secrets. Oh, and did I mention the really great soundtrack, inspired by the glorious sound of the 8- and 16-bit console era? The retro game you've been waiting for. Are you ready for a fantastic adventure?

Horrid Henry's Krazy Karts (P2 Entertainment, 21st Jan, $29.99) - Get ready to race with Horrid Henry’s Krazy Karts! Play as Horrid Henry or race head-to-head as Rude Ralph, Moody Margaret, Perfect Peter, Brainy Brian or Singing Soraya and win cups and upgrades to become the ultimate Horrid Hero! Customize your kart in the workshop for extra advantage. Win perfect power-up tokens to leave everyone else standing! Control your kart as you swoop over awesome jumps and dodge obstacles, gross goo and loads of smelly snot slime! Multiplayer Mode to play with friends and create your own levels to challenge and share as you race through forty challenging levels in four fantastic themed locations. Fun, fast and frantic, this non-stop action-packed racing game will keep you entertained for hours!

I Love Finding Pups! – Collector's Edition (20th Jan, $9.99) - Visit beautiful locations from across the globe while you find and collect adorable canine companions! I Love Finding Pups features classic hidden object gameplay across a wide variety of scenes with a great collection of mini-games sprinkled throughout!

Jack 'n' Hat (21st Jan, $7.99) - Jack’n' Hat has stunning 16-bit pixel art, beautiful music and precise controls which is likely to remind you of the greatest old school platformers. Prepare for an exhilarating platformer adventure across the world of Ririland! The evil Dr. Voo Doom has abducted Princess Riri, instigating a civil war that has plunged the Kingdom into chaos!

JankBrain (20th Jan, $4.99) - JankBrain is out for world domination! Using his massive intellect, JankBrain wants to control the earth by taking over the world's economy. Inspired by 16 bit run and gun platformers of the 90s, JankBrain must tackle 55 challenging levels including mine cart, rocket pack, and boss battles. Discover secret levels and compete for speedrun medals as you play! Creamy yet firm 60 fps gameplay Secret Exits and Speedrun medals Challenging Boss Battles Cinematics exploring JankBrain's quest to take over the world!

Japanese Rail Sim: Journey to Kyoto (Dispatch Games, 10th Jan, $49.99) - Experience a full-fledged train driving experience with real images in Kyoto with all the beautiful autumn colors! The stage is Kyoto's popular local line Eizan Railway which is dyed in autumn colors. Enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves with the latest live-action video. Full line recording, and new vehicles are included! There are two lines -the Kurama Line and the Eizan Line. You can drive all routes in both directions – up and down. In addition, the latest sightseeing train Hiei also appears in this game! The observation train Kirara is also included. You can experience driving while enjoying the difference in driving sensation between train types. Full of elements to enjoy driving and travel! The Guidebook introduces sightseeing spots along the line in an easy-to-understand manner. There are plenty of new elements such as achievements to test your driving skills! Who is the best driver? A new driving guide has been added, so even beginners can enjoy driving with ease.

JIGSAW MASTER KIDS (BottleCube, 6th Jan, $7.99) - "JIGSAW MASTER KIDS" is a jigsaw puzzle game for kids. There are 60 pictures of kittens, puppies, birds, and other cute creatures for children to play with. There are three different piece sizes, from 12 to 70 pieces, arranged for children. You can start from anywhere with any picture and any number of pieces you like. With "JIGSAW MASTER KIDS", you can enjoy jigsaw puzzles without the need for a large play area and without worrying about losing the pieces. There is no additional software to buy, so you can hand it over to your child without worry.

Kinduo (21st Jan, $4.99) - Kinduo is a game where two elemental friends overcome obstacles to return to their island. Push boxes, use electricity to connect objects, break ice blocks, blow things up and more in this cute and colorful game! For anyone who likes platform puzzle games, it’s a joyful, relaxing experience complete with adorable pixel art, and addictive game mechanics. Each character has their unique skill which makes the game more challenging and fun. Can you solve these challenging puzzles? Whether you’re playing alone or with a partner, get ready for a good time!

Lost Lands: Redemption (FIVE-BN STUDIO, 10th Jan, $6.99) - Who is scarier to Susan the Warmaiden: an evil and vengeful ancient deity, or her own angry and resentful son? “Lost Lands: Redemption” is an adventure game in the genre of Hidden Objects, with plenty of mini-games and puzzles, unforgettable characters and complicated quests. Susan carelessly spends her time in the Lost Lands, trying to maintain order. But a dangerous relic has been discovered on Earth, so she must return to her homeland. However, as a result of the time difference between the two worlds, Susan was away much longer than she anticipated.

Make the Burger (20th Jan, $3.99) - Make the burger is a fun game where just do a good burger is what matter. In a depreciated neighborhood, a gastronomic Chef decides to sell his beautiful burgers, with the wish to improve decadent reality of the neighborhood and do people happier. Nothing to kill hunger with delicious food to solve all problems. Make hamburgers for different types of customers, with various combinations of ingredients. Do not miss your orders, they will not be happy with this.

Merek's Market (21st Jan, $19.99) - Merek’s Market is a chaotic crafting game about running a medieval shop. We’ve all been that adventurer throwing down bags of gold to buy swords and shields, but what about the poor souls rushing around behind the shop counter? Strange customers? Yes. Over the top crafting challenges? You bet. A shop cat? Absolutely! Take ownership of Merek’s Market as you haggle, barter and craft your way through a comical single player campaign or team up with friends to supply the whole town.

MONOPOLY for Nintendo Switch + MONOPOLY Madness (Ubisoft, 12th Jan, $49.99) - MONOPOLY for Nintendo Switch™ Experience three unique 3D boards at home or on-the-go with up to six players in total, or take your game online and challenge players in quick matches. Don’t have time for a full game? Speed it up with Special Goals that shorten play sessions and Actions Cards to move you around the board and penalize your opponents. Build your empire and trade your way to victory! MONOPOLY Madness Rediscover the MONOPOLY game you love in a way you’ve never seen before. With shorter rounds, race other players across the chaotic streets of Monopoly City, collect resources, buy and upgrade properties, mess with your opponents, and avoid their tricks to win the race for riches. This is Madness!

Nature (20th Jan, $2.99) - Nature is a relaxing game for modern people tired of everyday life. Become a dandelion seed and soar to the sky. Enjoy nature by listening to beautiful music. Fly farther and higher by interacting with nature. Heal your weary heart by playing Nature.

PICROSS S7 (Jupiter, 10th Jan, $9.99) - The 7th Picross in the S Series supports touchscreen controls! This release introduces support for touchscreen controls. Players can now select "Touch Hold" or "Touch Toggle" as an input method on the puzzle board. Clip Picross Piece puzzles can now be unlocked by completing Mega Picross puzzles. There are 300 Picross and Mega Picross puzzles, 150 Clip Picross piece puzzles, 30 Color Picross puzzles, and 5 Extra puzzles, a grand total of 485 puzzles! Link play data from Picross S4, Picross S5, and Picross S6 to unlock three Extra puzzles. Picross is a picture crossword puzzle game where you follow hint number to complete a picture. With simple, easy-to-follow rules, it's a game anyone can play! - Read our PICROSS S7 review

Pirate Treasure: Island of Mazes (14th Jan, $2.29) - The game has motion control, so you have to use your console's gyroscope in order to try and solve the puzzles. There are a plethora of puzzles to choose from, so you will end up having a whole bunch of fun all the time. Since there are dozens of levels to choose from, you always get to enjoy a unique and immersive game experience. Plus, you can test your puzzle solving skills and improve them as you go along. Check it out for yourself today!

Pixel Game Maker Series THUNDER STRIKER (Gotcha Gotcha, 20th Jan, $11.99) - Pixel Game Maker Series THUNDER STRIKER is a vertical scrolling shooter with a retro flavor. You can choose between a laser and a wide range of trajectories for your primary weapon, and three different power-ups for your subweapons! Each weapon can be powered up to five levels. so find the most advantageous combination for each stage and boss! The enemies that stand in your way will attack you with a variety of weapons, including ballistic missiles and guided missiles. In a pinch, use the Bomber for emergency evasion, and enjoy hardcore play! The "Pixel Game Maker Series" is a series of games created using the action game creation software "Pixel Game Maker MV" that can be enjoyed on the Nintendo Switch™.

PopSlinger (26th Jan, $14.99) - Join a magical girl with soda-powered guns on a dreamy quest to defend her home from sinister invaders in a musical beat ‘em up packed with shooting action! PopSlinger is a vibrant, narrative-focused musical shooter inspired by ‘80s and ‘90s New Retro culture.

Pyramid Quest (20th Jan, $9.99) - Pyramid Quest is an exploration and treasure-hunting game inspired by classic platform games. The goal is to find the three parts of an artefact and open the gate to the next level while collecting diamonds and coins. Traps, obstacles, and enemies from old days make the quest very dangerous and challenging. 3D graphics packed in a nice graphics style, great 2. 5D levels and proven gameplay gives you hours of fun.

Queeny Army (18th Jan, $4.99) - Hardcore action adventure ensues as a team of young women escape an adoption house and wreak havoc against the corrupt enforcers who murdered their classmates and school director. Take the role of these dozen brave heroines, each with unique skills and exclusive weapon types, as they train under the armed forces’ former commander and prepare to overthrow the syndicate leader who’s seized control of the government. Queeny Army is a side-scrolling action platformer set in the war-torn city of San Romero. As heroines fighting for vengeance and liberation, you’ll have to find new weaponry along the way and adapt quickly to mounting resistance as you jump, shoot and wall slide through 6 challenging stages presented in retro pixel art. It won’t be an easy battle, but multiple difficulty settings keep the experience accessible as your combat skills improve!

Racing Classics PRO: Drag Race & Real Speed (17th Jan, $6.99) - Looking for a game where you can drive legendary classic rides? Get the most out of each car in the iconic style of the '70s and '80s and test their original performance in classic head-to-head drag races! Challenge your rivals, reach the maximum speed, upgrade your car and make your vintage cars faster and faster! Feast your eyes with amazing old-school street style from the most popular and epic time.

Radirgy Swag (Dispatch Games, 10th Jan, $19.99) - Take a quick trip to the moon! Enjoy the radio wave shooter with a Japanese pop culture twist. Radirgy Swag is a unique shooter with game mechanics that can be enjoyed by players of all different levels. The planes in Radirgy Swag are not only equipped with guns, but you can also destroy enemies with your sword. This feature allows you to attack your enemies from different angles. Use your shield or fill up your Absonet gauge to give you temporary invincibility against your foes. Master both offensive and defensive techniques to conquer your mission. - Read our Radirgy Swag review

Reverie Knights Tactics (25th Jan, $24.99) - Reverie Knights Tactics is a turn-based tactical RPG with strategic battles in isometric grids where every decision you make can alter the story and the way you configure the characters. Embark on an expedition to find Lennorien, the long lost elvian city to save your loved ones, while fighting the goblin menace that spread terror across the continent! Lead your party of heroes, each one with distinct, special abilities and skills, allowing you to use multiple battle strategies to defeat your enemies. Discover a fantasy world featuring deep map and scenario exploration in an epic adventure, visual novel style! Craft new items and accessories from the treasures you collect and use them as tactical advantage every time you configure your characters.

Road Bustle (20th Jan, $0.99) - There is a lot of traffic on the roads today. -Try deliver the package, although you are unlikely to succeed. -Do not get hit by a car or train. -Use the transport along the way. -Beautiful, juicy graphics. -4 types of transport. -Endless world. -Traffic speed grows over time. Try to score a lot of points. Develop your agility. Have some fun! Happy delivery!

Scrapnaut (20th Jan, $11.99) - Scrapnaut is a co-op & singleplayer top-down, base building survival game with steampunk elements. Explore an open world with different biomes, take care of oxygen, manage your farms, generate electricity, build your home and much more!

Sit-Ups Workout (17th Jan, $4.99) - Are you ready for the 250 Sit-Ups Challenge? Body shaping is always good for our body. These workouts are perfect for men and women, beginners and professionals. Do you want to gain muscles, lose weight, increase strength and stamina? Effective workout plans created by professional fitness coaches will help you to see the results after 1 week! Set a goal for what you want to reach. Don't give up, just follow the training plan. Just simply follow and perform the instructed number of reps, and after 10 weeks, you will be able to do 250 sit-ups straight!

SNK VS. CAPCOM: CARD FIGHTERS' CLASH (SNK, 12th Jan, $7.99) - Characters from SNK and CAPCOM clash in this epic card fighting game! Introducing! SNK VS. CAPCOM: CARD FIGHTERS' CLASH, a white-hot card fighting game for the NEOGEO POCKET COLOR (released in 1999), is coming to Nintendo Switch™! Back then, SNK VS. CAPCOM: CARD FIGHTERS' CLASH was sold as two separate games; the SNK Cardfighter's Version and the CAPCOM Cardfighter's Version. But now, both have been combined into one game! - Read our SNK VS. CAPCOM: CARD FIGHTERS' CLASH review

Space Stella: The Unknown Planet (13th Jan, $14.99) - Aliens invaded the planet that mankind was pioneering, and the exploration team went missing. The search team left to determine the cause, but their spaceship was attacked and only the main character survived. He fights a desperate battle to survive and find out the secret. Enjoy exciting TPS games using a variety of play modes and hot weapons that are released in level-up. · It is a TPS-style action and shooting game that is easy to operate and full of excitement. · Enjoy SF-style high quality graphics. · It's an interesting story game in which the protagonist overcomes a crisis and fights aliens during space exploration. · There are vast and diverse worlds such as the interior of the spaceship, the background of the SF design, and extraterrestrial planets. · There are story mode and additional mode, so you can enjoy them more fun. · mode fights for mission clear according to the story. · mode requires you to defeat aliens that appear every certain time by yourself. · mode

Summertime Madness (DP Games, 26th Jan, $14.99) - The player, in the role of a painter who has made a deal with the devil, has to find his way back to the real world after being cheated and trapped into one of his canvases. A dreamlike journey into a surreal world of the artist’s own creations where the atmospheric gameplay provides mysteries to discover, puzzles to solve and artistic landscapes to explore. GAMEPLAY You find yourself on an evolving island. As you investigate your surroundings, the island will start to change. The appearance of a ship, the rise of a lighthouse, each mystery you uncover and puzzle you solve will unfold new wonders and unveil new places to explore. But be forewarned, the scene you find yourself in, this breathtaking land of paint and oil is not always as straightforward as it appears. This intriguing world within the canvas holds more mysteries than even the artist intended.

Swing Saga (17th Jan, $1.99) - Swing Saga is an endless casual game with a unique art style and a bunch of cute characters to collect. Tap and swing from one to another platform to score. Find a unique satisfaction when landing on a perfect spot. Easy and fun to play with your friends and family. Get the highest score and be the best. Want more challenges? Try the Extreme Mode and push yourself to the limit!

The Company Man (21st Jan, $19.99) - The Company Man is a classic action platformer where you play as average salaryman Jim. Hit your crazy coworkers with a keyboard, shoot your evil bosses with emails, and buff up with coffee beans at the Good Water Company. Survive the struggles of working life and fulfill your lifelong quest to be CEO!

The Longest Road on Earth (25th Jan, $9.99) - The Longest Road on Earth is a deeply personal and meditative narrative title. Play in the songs of four short stories featuring stripped down mechanics and no words. Each story is up for interpretation – what story lives inside you for each character and the world around them? Be swept away by the haunting and sentimental lyrics of over twenty-four original, emotionally charged songs, sung by one of the developers. Walking down The Longest Road on Earth will only take you two hours, and it’s worth every step. THE SONGS OF LIFE An original, intimate soundtrack with themes and lyrics that seek the serenity and simplicity of life is included in each ticket to ride on The Longest Road on Earth. Feelings, emotions, situations, and perceptions that aren't extraordinary yet define us as human beings, our stories, and how we share our lives with each other.

The Shadow You (Whisper, 13th Jan, $9.99) - The Shadow You is a compelling horror adventure game set in two different realities. Solve puzzles, reveal secrets and let the chills go down your spine in this immersive story.

To Be Or Not To Be (12th Jan, $6.99) - William Shakespeare's Hamlet has finally been restored to its original second-person non-linear branching narrative format. I know! What took so long, am I right? Now it's up to YOU to decide what happens next. Play as Hamlet and revenge your father's death. Play as Ophelia and make scientific discoveries. Play as King Hamlet, Sr. and die on the first page! Written by the fabulous Ryan North, creator of Dinosaur Comics, and has written for the comic series of Adventure Time and Marvel Comics' The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. His works have won multiple Eisner Awards and Harvey Awards and made New York Times Bestseller lists.

Top Bike: Racing & Moto Drag (17th Jan, $4.99) - Top Bike: Racing & Moto Drag will take you out into a world full of criminals and dangerous races!

Trigger Dungeon (Refold, 17th Jan, $3.99) - This troll and rage hardcore platformer game promises an infuriatingly difficult and maddening experience. It is rumoured that there is an ending and that it is possible to beat the game without dying. Good luck with that.

Turbo Shot (13th Jan, $0.00) - Turbo Shot combines a puzzle-filled top-down adventure with exciting gun-based combat that plays out in regular seasons of free-to-play single player and PvP content. On the remote world of Pimlott-4, everyone works for Stinchcorp. But when siblings Skylar and Jin discover that the evil Dr. Stinchcomb is using the company as a front for kidnapping Blerphs and exploiting the natural environment, they know they have to fight back! Join them as they escape Stinchcorp and join a group of freedom fighters who work with the Blerphs. These adorable creatures have long guarded their home and evolved a range of abilities that help them adapt to Pimlott’s unique environments. With their help, you’ll harness the power of the Blerphs, discover new tech, explore the world and fight back against Dr. Stinchcomb and his army of bots! With a diverse cast of quirky characters, TURBO SHOT is the ultimate adventure through new worlds, filled with puzzles and enemies that will test your skills. SINGLE

Unlock the cat (QUByte Interactive, 13th Jan, $3.99) - Unlock the Cat is a puzzle inspired by the classic Klotski models, in which the player will move the different pieces of different sizes on a board in order to release the main piece. In this variation of the classic, the objective is precisely to save the kitten that is being surrounded by rocks that are blocking its path. With a simple gameplay and cute visuals, Unlock the Cat comes out as a minimalist puzzle in which the player can enjoy the soundtracks, composed for the tranquility experiences in mind, and the addition to the more than 30 challenges that the game provides.

VAZIAL SAGA XX (12th Jan, $34.00) - < Story > After the collapse of society due to material civilization, human beings will implement a "folklore policy" governed by some politicians based on their reflection. The world was settled by folklore, and the people got their own happiness. In order to make the peace forever, the politician manipulates his own genes and becomes an absolute person of immortality. The people worshiped and obeyed the absolute as a "god". For hundreds of years, perfect order was maintained and all the people lived happily. However, those who are tired of happiness form a clique and disturb the peace of the country . . . The "gods" of each country organized an army and suppressed it. The slightest turbulence disrupted the over-perfect order, creating greater conflict. The world was once again flooded with death from hatred and justice. You exist in this world as the "god" of a nation.

Windjammers 2 (Dotemu, 20th Jan, $19.99) - 25 years later, throwing flying discs at your opponents is still as cool as back in the days. Sequel to the NEOGEO cult classic Windjammers, Windjammers 2 is the perfect mix between what you loved about the classic title and brand-new mechanics. Fast-paced, strategic, easy to learn but hard to master: Windjammers 2 follows the steps of the first episode and brings back what makes the Windjammers series an amazing fun and competitive game! - Read our Windjammers 2 review

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