Life Is Strange Remastered Collection

Another day, another delay for the Nintendo Switch. Just this week, Dying Light 2 and Ghostrunner both saw Switch-specific delays, and now Square Enix, DONTNOD, and Deck Nine's Life Is Strange Remastered Collection has been pushed back, too.

The game, which includes remastered versions of Life Is Strange and the prequel, Before the Storm, will release as planned on the 1st of February for Google Stadia, PlayStation, Xbox and PC, but the Switch versions have been "set back" and will need "more time", according to a statement from the companies posted on Twitter.

This is the second delay the game has seen, the first one being attributed to the "ongoing challenges" of the COVID-19 pandemic.

No definitive release date has been given, but the Switch release will be "later this year". The other delayed Life is Strange game, True Colors, eventually released on the Nintendo Switch three months after the initial launch on other platforms, if that's anything to go by.

Although you can still pre-order the Switch versions (digital and physical) through the Square Enix website, the option has been removed from the front page:


The Remastered Collection promises new visuals and animation, redesigned puzzles, lighting and engine upgrades, and full facial motion capture to create "vastly improved" character animation. Previously released "Deluxe" content, including new outfits and a bonus episode, will also be added to the game.

Does this delay affect you? Will you wait, or get the Remastered Collection on another platform? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.