We've seen plenty of smaller download titles sold at ludicrous discounts on the Switch over the past few years, but we're starting to see some bigger titles get the same treatment. Saints Row IV was a recent example with a 93% discount, and now Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered has joined the party.

It's currently a whopping 93% off in Europe and 90% off in North America; normally $29.99USD / €29,99 / £26.99, it's currently $2.99USD / €1,99 / £1.79. The end date is a little different per territory too, with the price drop ending on 12th January in Europe and 17th January in North America. Plenty in Team NL have grabbed it at those prices already.

Is it worth the cost of a small takeout coffee? Definitely yes, we'd say. This remaster brought a cult classic back into the fold, and it's certainly fun as you go about blowing everything up. It's not a bad port either, though the Digital Foundry video at the top is worth a watch; at launch the 'quality' mode in portable seemed to be the way to go for the best experience.

So, are you tempted to pick this up?