The Nintendo Switch has a lot of strengths, but there's no getting around the fact that at nearly five years old the hardware is struggling to keep up with some third-party multiplatform games. That's no surprise, but there have now been a number of attempts to sell major releases to Nintendo fans as Cloud Versions.

Our reviews of cloud versions have had varied perspectives, as the positive of seeing high profile games on Switch is occasionally undermined by a disappointing streaming experience. Digital Foundry was prompted to review the offerings to date by the controversial Kingdom Hearts releases, which are high-priced and in some cases games that could arguably run on the hardware natively. The price is often a major sticking point for access to these streaming services; they are services, to be clear, you purchase a license to play for as long as the servers are still active.

It's a tricky issue and there are plenty of things to consider. For one thing, in some cases Cloud games on Switch would have no feasible chance of running natively, so it gives an option to those that only play on Nintendo's system. Cloud gaming can vary per platform too, with the server-side technology being hugely important. There are other streaming services that arguably offer a far superior option to these Switch titles.

It's an interesting video, in any case, so be sure to check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.