As we close out 2021 and look forward to 2022 — with all the measurable improvements it surely must bring — your favourite trio of video producers are back with the last entry in their 'Best Worst' Switch games trilogy.

Yes, it's time for the third and final pick of a Switch game which may be a disappointment in the larger scheme of things, but which contains enough good bits to evoke some happy memories. After all, not everything in a 5/10 game is totally 'Average', and our intrepid video team have been digging through their back catalogues and minds for middling games which still managed to make a good impression, if only in part.

Following on from Zion and Alex's picks earlier this week, today it's Jon's turn to look through the meh and find the sparkling nuggets lodged throughout.

Enjoy, and let us know below if you agree with this final game.

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