Mario Golf: Super Rush has improved a decent amount since launch courtesy of multiple free updates that have added new characters, courses and modes. An ongoing attraction for those that like to jump in for some quickfire play is the Ranked Match online mode, in which even if you're struggling to win you can still gradually level up and claim a new reward each month.

This month's prize for reaching A- is Mario when he forgot to pack his golf gear before heading to the course.

Nevertheless it's pleasing that we're still getting new outfits and alternatives to try and earn each month, and it shouldn't take you too long if you're particularly keen. You can play either normal or speed golf with buttons or motion controls, and if you focus on one category you can rapidly gain ranks. Each run is only 3 holes (it swaps course / holes every hour) and in our little test we were able to find games relatively quickly. Placing higher will obviously accelerate progress, but you get points for participation too.

Let us know in the comments if you're still jumping into Ranked Match to unlock the rewards each month.