Pokemon Smile

Pokémon's had its fair share of quirky spin-offs over time – remember the surprisingly decent Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure on Nintendo DS? – but none find themselves quite as high on the 'we didn't expect that' scale than Pokémon Smile.

Released last year, Pokémon Smile is a smartphone app designed to encourage kids to regularly and correctly brush their teeth with the incentive of catching Pokémon for doing so. Being the big, serious games media outlet that we are, we actually shared a review of the app upon release, praising its adorable design and fun activities, but criticising its rather harsh tracking tech.

The app received its very first update over the weekend, fixing bugs, adding Pokémon, and tweaking a couple of features. The new Pokémon added are Smeargle, Ludicolo, Mime Jr., and Dedenne, and the app's patch notes can be found below:

- Additional Pokémon and Pokémon Caps added.
- The “Brushing Session Length” and “Take In-Game Pictures” options in the “Brushing Settings” menu can now be set separately for each user on a device.
- Bug fixes.

We'll leave you with the game's trailer in case this is all new to you. Just look how cute the Pokémon are...