HaihaiSB Cursed Boy
Image: HaihaiSB

Retrofitting Game Boys with better screens and superior batteries isn't a new thing, but prolific modder HaihaiSB isn't content with simply making these vintage systems better – he wants to take things to extremes, as is evidenced by his latest, twisted creation: the DMG-105Z.

Using the original DMG-01 Game Boy model as his starting point, HaihaiSB has added not one but two additional screens and has replaced the DMG's display with a full-colour touch panel. This means the console is capable of playing GB and GBC titles, DS games and GBA titles.

You can fold the screens to make sure you're getting the best experience for each format, but HaihaiSB has taken particular delight in showcasing what he calls 'Cursed Boy' mode.

If you're intrigued rather than disgusted, then you can check out some of HaihaiSB's other crazy creations here. We've picked a few of our favourites out below.