Sunburn 10%
Image: u/PostposterousYT

Another day, another thing that we didn't know about this almost-five-year-old game: Breath of the Wild has a sunburn mechanic.

Unlike real sunburn, the slight blush upon Link's body is a little hard to notice: it's a very subtle reddening of his shoulders, nose, cheeks, and collarbone, which is to say the most raised areas on his body. He'll get this sunburn if he spends too long in an area of extreme heat (the Gerudo Desert) without clothes on, but Nintendo didn't want us to worry — so the sunburn layer is capped out at 4%.

But with mods, we can turn poor Link into a charred husk, by turning up the sunburn to basically anything above 15%. Get past 50%, and the boy is basically just a charcoal silhouette with hair.

And for those of you impressed that Nintendo managed to implement a subtle sunburn mechanic: There's also a mild frostbite mechanic for areas of extreme cold! You'd think the hero of time would take better care of himself after being revived with Sheikah magic, but no.

Did you know about the sunburn in BOTW? (6,068 votes)

  1. Oh yeah! I'm always running around the desert in the nude.8%
  2. I'd seen some redness, but thought it was just an extra effect in the desert.25%
  3. I did not know this, but I feel bad for Link.33%
  4. I did not know this, but I have no pity for a boy who goes into the desert with no sunscreen.35%