Update [Fri 5th Nov, 2021 08:15 GMT]: Images of the GTA Trilogy box art have started to surface in Europe. UK online retailer The Game Collection has shared the following image, which shows the box art and the requirement of an internet download:

via The Game Collection
Image: via The Game Collection

Original article [Tue 26th Oct, 2021 00:55 BST]: We heard last week how Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Switch was a rather meaty size - coming in at around 25.4GB. This was according to a listing on the North American eShop page.

While it's not exactly big when compared to downloads on other platforms, if you're a physical Nintendo collector, it may not be the best news. A look at the game's official box art for North America has now surfaced online and attached to the front of it is the dreaded label "download required".

This information comes via Direct-Feed Games and the image below was retrieved from Target:

"US retailers are now being provided assets and GTA - The Trilogy for Switch has a "Download Required" banner."

GTA Trilogy Boxart IMG

If it does end up requiring a download, it wouldn't be all that surprising given Rockstar's history on the Switch. The physical Switch version of L.A. Noire needed a 14GB download.

The physical version of GTA: The Trilogy will arrive on 7th December, and the digital version launches a month earlier on 11th November. Will you be picking up a hard copy of this game? Leave a comment down below.

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