Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain is out later this week on 3rd December, and is the final show in town for major first-party Switch arrivals ahead of the Holiday, though with October and November bringing sales successes with Metroid Dread and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl it's normal for the final month of the year to be focused more on GOTY debates and smaller releases.

With Dr Kawashima's Brain Training for Nintendo Switch never being released in North America, Big Brain Academy will help Nintendo fill a gap in that market, while its multiplayer and cutesy style also offer something a little different in global markets. Now we have a localised and amended version of an overview trailer that arrived recently in Japan, showcasing its modes and play options.

A big focus in this title compared to Brain Training is multiplayer, of course, while on-demand showdowns with online ghosts is a smart addition. On top of that there's a far bigger focus on reward loops, with the game throwing in currencies and stars to redeem on outfits etc.

It looks charming and will cost half the typical Nintendo retail price. Are you tempted to pick it up?