Samus Grrrr
Image: Nintendo

It's clear that the development team at MercurySteam were in tune with various elements of the Metroid fanbase, including speedrunners and those curious players that try everything possible to shake up the game by finding shortcuts and new methods. This emerged previously with a fun little trick for fighting an early-ish boss if you 'break the sequence' and get an item ahead of schedule. Now another trick has emerged for the same boss that's equally cool.

Spoilers, obviously.

As previously discovered, MercurySteam included a way to fight Kraid with bombs, that most of us will have missed. In order to get the bombs before that fight you need to do a bit of clever sequence breaking away from the standard route, but the fact it was programmed in showed that the developers knew players would look for different approaches to the game's progression, and therefore designed certain tricks and shortcuts to be discovered.

You can also get the Flash Shift before Kraid, and a tweet from last week (and now popping up on more of our timelines) shows that if you shift into the boss as its eyes flash, you trigger a cool up-close attack sequence.

Poor old Kraid, it seems like the developers decided to make them the victim for multiple sequence breaking attacks.

There's certainly a speedrunning community developing around the game, too, though the recent 1.0.3 update did fix a bug that effectively neutralised a particular category. It was explained, though, that the change was made due to "a possibility that it may occur unintentionally" and spoil playthroughs of normal players. Some have moved on to update 1.0.3 and reverted back to other speed routes and categories, though some will avoid updating and continue running the 'unintended' route.

In any case, this flash shift attack on Kraid is another fun little bit of design in Metroid Dread that's really there for speedrunners and sequence breakers to discover. Perhaps there are more yet to be found.