Thick Switch
Image: u/imustrun580

The whole point of the Nintendo Switch is that it's slim, and portable; it's easy to carry around and easy to pick up and play. But since we've been clamouring for a Switch Pro probably ever since the OG Switch came out, it's fun to imagine what it could look like.

May we present to you: THICK SWITCH.

It's like the CRT TV of Switches, no doubt packed with chips and batteries and all the good things that would make the Thick Switch run 4K 120FPS video games. That's what everyone wants, right? Imagine playing this large boi in bed. You'd crush your legs. It would be worth it.

Zelda Cake
Image: u/imustrun580

Unfortunately — or fortunately, if you're hungry — this Thick Switch is actually a cake. It's an incredibly impressive cake, though, with tiny fondant control sticks and Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the screen (and note that the bezels are razor-thin compared to the Nintendo Switch's bordered screen). This cake took skill (and a lot of fondant), and even though it's not a playable Thick Switch, it's still a cake worth celebrating.

The cake was made by the mother of young Eli, who has just turned ten (happy belated birthday, Eli!) who presumably loves all the same things as us: Nintendo, Zelda, and eating electronics.

Do you think this is what a Switch Pro could look like? Or would you prefer Long Switch and/or Wide Switch? Let us know in the comments!