Pikmin Homeward Bound
Image: Nintendo / Ákos Szabó via Pexels

Pikmin Bloom is now available in the Americas, and we've quite enjoyed our time with it so far — especially now that there's a "Comprehensive Guide For New Players" available on Reddit, thanks to one industrious player.

Most of the details listed in the guide are about gathering fruits, petals, and seedlings, as well as how the Pikmin squad works, but there's one little bit that stood out to us:

"Be careful about sending pikmin on expeditions if you are travelling long distances by plane/car, I once flew to a different state and then it took 40 actual days for the pikmin to walk across the country to reach me"

That's heartbreaking. The poor little guys! Granted, most of us aren't travelling too much at the moment, but if/when things open up again, just make sure to keep your Pikmin with you, or they'll be forced to go on the world's cutest Oregon Trail trek.

Have you had any upsetting things happen to you while playing Pikmin Bloom? Let us know in the comments!

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