Image: Nintendo Life

DISCLAIMER: Nintendo Life is not liable for any damage — light or otherwise — caused to your lovely Switch OLED's screen through orientating your shiny new console all vertical-like.

Old school arcade and shmup fans have been having a wail of a time with Switch over the past few years, with the system becoming an unlikely home to a load of incredible shoot 'em-ups, old and new, plus a range of arcade classics that can be very easily played on Switch in their original portrait orientation — better known as TATE mode. This can be accomplished with the help of an accessory (such as the excellent Flip Gripsadly not compatible with Switch OLED thanks to the new console's slightly different dimensions) or simply by resting the Joy-Con-less console sideways against a book or something.

With the original Switch and its notoriously flimsy kickstand, TATE fans were forced to lean the console against something, but we can confirm (as can thousands of you, of course) that Switch OLED can stand erect and vertical all on its lonesome! Although do so at your own risk.

You see, while Switch OLED can stand self-supported in this makeshift upright mode — when placed on an appropriately flat surface — the angle it rests at is a little too vertical for comfort. A light breeze or a pet brushing the table leg is all it would take for your precious console to come crashing forward screen-first onto the tabletop.

Of course, in traditional horizontal mode, the new Switch can be positioned at a variety of angles — and very useful it is, too. In this thoroughly makeshift vertical mode, though, you've got just the one rather precarious angle.

So yes — it works! Huzzah and hurrah! However, if you try it on a flight, you'll likely be positioned too close to view the screen at a comfortable angle, and the merest hint of turbulence or tiniest nudge from a passing flight attendant will likely send it crashing onto the table, screen-side down. Sad faces all 'round.

You have been notified... and warned!

Let us know below if you've tried this out and which games you like to play in TATE mode.