SEGA New Arcade Lead
Image: SEGA

The unique challenges and economic downturn of 2020 proved to be an extremely difficult period for arcades and 'in person' businesses. In Tokyo, a city beloved for its iconic gaming sites, SEGA closed down its Akihabara 2nd arcade in 2020, before confirming that Sega Ikebukuro Gigo was to close in September due to the end of a building lease. It was given an emotional farewell by its supporters.

In a rather positive shift after that disappointing news, SEGA has confirmed that a new arcade centre will be opened on 22nd October just across the street (hat-tip to @ausretrogamer).

As you can see in the sign it's going to have arcade games, a whole lot of 'crane games' and a café; it will hopefully have a similar vibe to the arcades that have closed in the last couple of years.

So, if you're an arcade fan that still hopes to go to Tokyo in the future, this certainly looks like somewhere to put on your itinerary.