With Nintendo's Switch OLED console just around the corner, more and more of the things have been popping up in the wild. Just last week the world's first unboxing video appeared, followed shortly afterwards by the first comparison video, and now we have yet another look at the OLED sitting next to the original system.

This latest footage comes from YouTuber Kevin Kenson, who's somehow managed to get his hands on a retail version of the system a couple of weeks ahead of its official release. In it, we get to see how the OLED's screen really helps bright colours to 'pop' and those darker colours to stay truly dark – deep blacks have never looked so good on a Nintendo portable.

Kenson mentions that WarioWare: Get It Together! is particularly great for showcasing bright colours on the new screen, while Undertale is ideal for checking out the perfect blacks. In the middle, and perhaps one of the games you might want to try first if you're buying the OLED next month, is Hades, which blends both bright and dark colours throughout.

Interestingly, Kenson also takes a moment to address the concern that the OLED system will suffer from a 'worse' image thanks to offering the same resolution as the original model, but stretched across its larger display. He explains that the difference is tiny, with the optimum viewing distance hardly altered, and that you needn't be worried about noticing the issue while playing.

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