YouTubers have been getting their hands on the Nintendo Switch OLED ahead of release, and after last week's Switch OLED unboxing from Japanese YouTuber HikakinTV, another video has arrived: an unboxing from Nintendo Prime which also features a comparison to the original Nintendo Switch.

As you can see, the OLED's screen is quite a lot bigger and a little bit brighter than the original, and although we knew that the screen would be 0.8 inches larger, it was pretty hard to envision what that meant.

OLED Vs Switch
You can see the difference in brightness best here, with the two white screens — Image: Nintendo Prime (via a fan)

Other notable changes include things we already knew about, like the sideways SD card slot and the blessedly gigantic kickstand, as well as a bit of a look at the dock, which looks quite a lot like the current dock, but is different on the back with new air vents.

Nintendo Prime says that he was sent the footage by a fan, and expressed disappointment that he wasn't able to take the unit apart to see how it all worked. He also mentioned that the unit they received already had at least one dent in it — on the mesh screen over the air intake on the bottom.

"I do not know if Nintendo's going to take this video down," said Nintendo Prime towards the end — the unboxing, after all, is not his, and he refers to the video as a "leak". "This is, as far as I'm aware, an exclusive."

By the way, we've also touched a Switch OLED, if you're interested. We liked it.