Chocobo GP
Image: Square Enix

If you are keen on arcade-style racing games and are tired of waiting for Nintendo to release a new Mario Kart game, then Square Enix's Chocobo GP might be worth a look when it arrives next year exclusively on the Switch.

The follow-up to the 1999 PlayStation classic Chocobo Racing was first revealed during Nintendo's Direct presentation last week, and now new footage of the game is surfacing online via Tokyo Game Show 2021 previews.

Here's a round-up courtesy Gematsu:

Similar to Mario Kart, Chocobo GP will include the ability to drift around corners, as well as collect item pick-ups known as "Magicites" to assist you in many different ways on the track. Characters will also come with their own unique abilities and variants. And there'll be both online and offline multiplayer modes, too - including the ability to compete in tournaments.

Would you be interested in playing a kart racer like this on the Switch? Tell us down below.