Game Builder Garage

When Nintendo first launched Game Builder Garage back in June, there was no mention of a physical release in Europe despite it receiving one across North America and Japan – which was odd. Fast forward to more than a month after launch, though, and a retail edition was finally announced after all.

Now, that physical launch date has finally arrived, so if you didn't go ahead and import an American copy because you understandably assumed a physical release wasn't ever coming to Europe (yes Nintendo, we did this, and no, we're not bitter at all), then you may well want to head out and grab it now that it's finally here.

It's already up on Amazon (see below), and can also be picked up a little cheaper at other reputable retailers like 365games, The Game Collection, and Very. Make sure to read our full review if you want to learn more before spending your cash.

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Players have been making all sorts of impressive stuff with the game, like a version of Mario Kart and even a recreation of a 1996 Zelda: Ocarina of Time prototype. Let us know what you'd build (or have already built) in the comments below.