Zelda BOTW

Oh boy, have there been a lot of glitches discovered in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Not a week seems to go by without someone finding a new exploit or unintentional quirk, and the latest one happens to be one of the most bizarre yet. It involves things sticking to Link's arm, and creates all kinds of weird and wonderful gameplay possibilities.

The first documented sighting of the glitch was at the end of August, when a Twitter user shared footage of Link with a Cucco fixed to his arm. Interestingly, Link is not considered to be 'holding' the bird in the game, which means he's free to hold other objects but still manages to benefit from the Cucco's gliding abilities.

Since that tweet went live, other Twitter users have been sharing their own videos, with Link's arm glued to various other objects, including a barrel, rock and disembodied head.

What makes this glitch really interesting – and not just visually amusing – is that it allows you to carry heavy objects to various locations on the overworld map.

Twitter user Yukinosan has created the following video to show how this glitch is replicated:

Here's a more in-depth guide (thanks, Automaton!):

1. Weapon Holding Glitch (Sword Smuggling)

i. Prepare an object that can be held such as bombs
ii. Equip a one-handed weapon and shield then draw the weapon with Y
iii. Press B and unequip the shield during the motion of the weapon being put away
iv. Pick up the object and throw it and Link will be in a state of holding the weapon

2. Arm Stuck to Object Glitch

i. Unequip the weapon (or equip a two-handed weapon), equip a shield
ii. Stand in front of the object you want to attach to and crouch facing south
iii. Press the L button (bombs) + down on the D-pad + the A button
* For the Sword Smuggling glitch, if you’ve thrown a remote bomb, detonate it (be in the state where the L button pulls out a bomb)
* It’s not a problem if you don’t do a long press on the D-pad down input.
iv. Pick up the item with one hand, equip a one-handed weapon and immediately unequip the shield
* If you aren’t holding the object in one hand or aren’t stuck to the object, repeat section 2 from step “i”

Let us know if you're able to recreate this glitch by posting a comment below.

[source automaton-media.com]