Sonic the Hedgehog
Image: @sonic_hedgehog

Sonic Colors Ultimate arrives on the Nintendo Switch next week, and while the majority of fans have to wait until then, it seems some individuals are already lucky enough to be playing a hard copy of the game.

Reddit user kaydeejay1995 is one of those people - revealing how they received a physical copy of the game a week early. This is also apparently the first time they've had something like this happen before. Neat!

Unsurprisingly, the top question so far is about the performance in this particular version. Apparently, it runs fine, provided you can "tolerate" the 30fps cap.

In our own Nintendo Life review of the game, we awarded Sonic Colors Ultimate eight out of ten stars and mentioned how it was the best way to experience Sonic Colors, if you haven't played the original games before. And even as a returning player, it's still worth a go.

Although most of us can't get hold of a physical copy of the game just yet, from today onwards - Sonic Colors Ultimate Digital Deluxe owners can play the game early. This version costs a little more than the standard digital release and is technically tied to an account.

Will you be picking up this game for the Nintendo Switch? Have you ever got a new game ahead of its official release? Tell us down below.