Gaming Shoe Concepts
Image: The Sole Supplier

Companies like Puma may well be launching all sorts of official Nintendo shoes these days – have you seen their Animal Crossing and Mario designs? – but that won't stop us from dreaming of having an entire wardrobe of the things. You know, for different days of the week or something...

Exacerbating our issues feelings tremendously, The Sole Supplier has been busy crafting mock-up designs for a variety of gaming systems. To be clear, these aren't real things you can go out and buy, but you can definitely imagine what would it be like to buy them, and that's close enough.

They're all based on existing popular shoes like Adidas Superstars and Nike Air Jordans and, if we had to pick, we'd say we're particularly fond of the N64 ones. Take a look at the Nintendo designs here:

If you like to game beyond the realms of Nintendo, you'll also be pleased to see these Sega and PlayStation mock-ups:

Would you happily be seen in any of these if they were the real deal? Do you have a favourite? Step on in to our comment section below.