Splatoon 3

As part of yesterday's Nintendo Direct, we were treated to a fresh look at Splatoon 3, the latest instalment in Nintendo's squid-kid shooter franchise that's set to launch next year.

It all looked rather exciting as you'd expect (catch up on it here if you missed it), but the new gameplay footage wasn't the only thing to come out of yesterday's show. Supporting it in style was what appeared to be a brand new song, pleasing our grateful earholes as we soaked up the new action on-screen – but was it really new? And how can we listen to it on repeat?

Well, thanks to YouTube's mysterious 'unlisted' video archives, we now know that the new track is called Clickbait. We've always been big fans of Splatoon's cracking soundtrack, and this latest song lives up to those expectations perfectly with another take the series' usual combo of surf rock and digitised vocals. Check it:

It's only a matter of time before this ends up being played at one of those awesome Splatoon concerts, right?

Are you looking forward to Splatoon 3? Does that 2022 release window still feel like it's forever away? Let us know in the comments.