BotW Link Climbing Concept Artwork

If you just can't get enough of Princess Zelda's Princess-Diana-but-sad voice in Breath of the Wild, then get ready to start the game over again, because this Reddit user just found some extra dialogue that you'll only see if you do the story out of order.

The first quest you get after leaving the Great Plateau is to find Impa, but if you visit the Divine Beasts before you visit Impa in Kakariko Village, Princess Z will use her mysterious telepathic pager to inform you about the Beasts' whole infected-by-Ganon deal instead.

But wait, there's more! Since you so cruelly ignored Impa, she gets new dialogue, too — something to the effect of "well I GUESS you didn't need my help".

For your first playthrough (or only playthrough) of Breath of the Wild, you probably did things in the order you were told, at least at the start — but on subsequent runs, especially speedruns, it's probably quite easy to find this "hidden" dialogue.

Plus, it's not the only alternative dialogue you can get — there's also one for skipping Prince Sidon on your way to Zora's Domain, although we can't imagine why you would:

This game has been out for over four years, and we're still finding new things.

Have you seen this cutscene, or any other "secret" ones? Let us know in the comments!