We've seen plenty of cool retro mods over the years, but this latest effort from Game Boy Custom really stands out – mainly because it's fusing together a Game Boy Color with a Game Boy Advance and the internals of a Nintendo DS. Still with us? Good.

The Aussie modder has sent a proof-of-concept prototype to our friends at Retro Dodo, who have been putting it through its paces in the video above. Some things to note: it's not the final thing and is quite rough around the edges, and secondly, the unit developed a fault during the hands-on process which meant that Retro Dodo wasn't able to get much gameplay time with it.

Still, it's a pretty remarkable project and shows how modders are cooking up some interesting and unexpected creations using popular handheld systems. The only question is, what do you call this thing? The Game Boy DS? The Nintendo DS Boy? The Game DS Boy Color? Answers below...

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