Slowbro Pokemon Unite

The free-to-play Pokémon Unite has received yet another update, this time making tweaks to one of the game's fighters and adding a brand new Holowear option.

Let's kick things off with the new Holowear, which has been given to Slowbro. Called 'Training Style', the new costume is now available to buy for 400 Aeos Gems and, just like other basic Holowear, does not provide any additional effects.

As reported by Serebii, the added character changes have impacted Blissey's skills on the battlefield. The character has received buffs all around, with its Special Defense stat being increased from 149 to 300, and its Safeguard being improved with a reduced cooldown, increased area of effect, and an improved Safeguard+. Full details can be found here.

Just last week, Pokémon Unite added Blastoise as a playable character. The first official tournament for the game was also announced last week, hopefully signalling more to come.