If you've been enjoying the free-to-play MOBA action of Pokémon Unite, here's your friendly reminder that Blastoise is joining the ranks from today.

The popular Water-type Pokémon, which first debuted way back at the very start with Pokémon Red and Blue, comes blasting onto the scene with a number of powerful moves. Attacks like Surf and Hydro Typhoon can be spotted in the gameplay footage above, which shows off Blastoise's battling prowess.

As you can see from that tweet, Blastoise is accompanied by a rather fetching outfit. How does Blastoise manage to get that on over its shell? Actually... is Blastoise wearing it under its shell?! We like to ask the most important questions here at Nintendo Life.

Have you been enjoying your time with Pokémon Unite? Let us know if you'll be giving Blastoise a (rapid) spin in the comments below.