The Monster Rancher series isn't particularly well known outside of Japan, with long gaps between releases and Europe being skipped entirely for a DS release 11 years ago. Recently, though, Koei Tecmo confirmed that Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX is bringing the revamped PlayStation originals to the Switch on 9th December, which should be interesting - you raise and train monsters, which seems familiar...

I'll be fascinating to see how that DX bundle is received, but it's getting a rather surprising bit of extra publicity through Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, a game that seems to be adding unexpected DLC characters on a daily basis. Just recently we had Hello Kitty confirmed, and like that optional extra the Suezo character from Monster Rancher will cost $4.99USD.

Again, it seems quite pricey for what amounts to a single character in a ball, especially in light of the bundles also available as DLC that give you multiple extras at the same price.

  • Classic Soundtrack - $4.99
  • Customisation Pack - $4.99
  • SEGA Legends Pack - $4.99
  • Classic Character Pack - $4.99

Still, perhaps Hello Kitty and Suezo will prove rather popular and justify that pricing.

Are you planning to buy Suezo for five bucks?