Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania is going to have a surprisingly broad variety of free extra content, with SEGA bringing in iconic characters from its library. There will also be paid DLC though, with Hello Kitty confirmed to be one option when the game lands on 5th October.

It'll cost $4.99 USD, which seems quite high for a little character that'll roll around in a ball, but no doubt there'll be big fans of the IP that jump in. It also sets the expectation that there could potentially be even more paid DLC down the road; we'll have to wait and see with that.

There are already a few DLC packs confirmed aside from Hello Kitty; at the bottom of its eShop product page you can see four options available.

  • Classic Soundtrack - $4.99
  • Customisation Pack - $4.99
  • SEGA Legends Pack - $4.99
  • Classic Character Pack - $4.99

If you want different cosmetics and unlocks in the game there'll certainly be quite a mix of free and paid options.

Are you planning to pay out extra for DLC in Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, or just stick with the included content? Let us know in the comments!