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Image: Nintendo Life

Nintendo yesterday released the 13.0.0 update for Switch and it's one of the biggest firmware updates there's been in a while.

It includes support for Bluetooth audio, a Switch OLED model dock update and there's even a new update available for the Joy-Con controllers. Many users are still sifting through this update to see what else it's hiding, and it seems one other discovery is the ability for users to now publish longer tweets on the hybrid system.

As noted by GameXplain, the character limit has now been increased from 140 to 280. Here's a look (thanks, Zion):

Even if you don't use Twitter, it's always nice to see improvements like this and should help anyone who wants to provide a bit more information or context when posting a game screenshot.

Have you downloaded the latest Switch firmware update yet? Did you notice this slight change? Do you even post video game screenshots to social media? Tell us down below.