Switch OLED
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo has released Version 13.0.0 for the Switch and as you've probably already seen by now, it adds Bluetooth audio support, updates the Switch OLED dock and much more.

Since this update has gone live, users have also noticed a new update has been issued for the Switch Joy-Con controllers. Here's how you can perform this update:

How To Update Your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

1) From the Home menu, choose 'System Settings'. Then choose 'Controllers and Sensors' from the left-hand side.

2) Scroll down to 'Update Controllers', press it, and let the console do its thing.

There were some patch notes in Version 13.0.0 about controller changes - so perhaps this latest Joy-Con update is tied to this:

The method to initiate “Calibrate Control Sticks” in System Settings was changed.

- From System Settings, go to Controllers and Sensors, select Calibrate Control Sticks, then fully tilt the control stick in any one direction and keep it tilted for a few seconds to begin calibration.

Have you performed this update yet? Noticed any changes to your Joy-Con? Tell us down below.