Next month sees the release of Sonic Colors Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch. It's a remaster of the 2010 game featuring improved graphics and revamped lighting.

Ahead of the game's launch, Sega has released a new video showcasing all of the Wisp in action.

"Meet the Wisp! Explore the galaxy and reach new heights with the help of these mysterious and powerful creatures. Learn more about their unique abilities, and discover even more ways to play with the new Jade Ghost Wisp!"

Here's a summary of each one:

  • White Wisp - Fill your boost gauge and accelerate into super speeds, destroy obstacles and enemies in your path

  • Cyan Wisp - Turn Sonic into a powerful cyan laser, move across the stage at lightning speed and zap enemies in your path

  • Jade Wisp - Transform Sonic into a Jade ghost, fly around and phase through solid objects to reach hidden areas

  • Pink Wisp - Turn Sonic into a pink spike that can roll up walls and ceilings and attack enemies

  • Green Wisp - Transform Sonic into a green hover form to reach higher areas and float past treacherous obstacles

  • Orange Wisp - Turn Sonic into an orange rocket, blast into the air and reach unparalleled heights

  • Blue Wisp - Switch blue rings and blue blocks to open new routes, turn Sonic into a blue cube to stomp down enemies

  • Yellow Wisp - Transform Sonic into a yellow drill and dig through the ground or torpedo through the water

  • Purple Wisp - Transform Sonic into a hungry purple frenzy and eat anything in your path

Sonic Colors Ultimate arrives on 7th September 2021. Will you be checking it out? Leave a comment below.