Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks amazing on Switch, but modders – using an emulated version of the game – have been working on making it look even more fantastic via the magic of PC hardware for the past few years now.

Take German modder Digital Dreams, who has managed to get Breath of the Wild running at a pin-sharp 8K resolution – with a ray tracing turned on to make it even more visually arresting.

The catch, beyond the fact that you need to resort to emulation and piracy to play it? Well, the sheer processing power required to see Hyrule in this dazzling form is pretty staggering – an Asus TUF RTX 3090 graphics card, 32GB of RAM and 2TB of SSD storage, for starters – but the end result is something that looks so good, it's hard to imagine the rumoured Switch Pro even matching it, let alone the soon-to-be-released Switch OLED Model.

Still, you can't fit that kind of PC power in your rucksack, can you? Each to their own.

[source kotaku.com]