Bravely Default II
Image: Square Enix

Bravely Default II for the Nintendo Switch is currently on track to become the best-selling entry in the series. According to a Square Enix PR, the February 2021 release has now sold more than 950,000 units worldwide.

While this might not seem like much to get excited about compared to certain other Nintendo Switch releases, this is a big deal for Square Enix's classic-style JRPG series. The original Nintendo 3DS sold just over one million units in its lifetime, and Bravely Default II is already on track to surpass this amount in less than a year.

It's likely only a matter of time - especially now that Square Enix has revealed Bravely Default II is on the way to Steam next week. This will perhaps further increase sales of the game on Nintendo's hybrid platform, and hopefully, leads to future entries in the series and even re-releases of the older games.

In our review of Bravely Default II, we gave the game eight out of ten stars and said it was a well-crafted and expertly made RPG that was easily worth your time.

Have you added to Bravely Default II's sales on the Switch so far? What are your own thoughts about the latest entry? Tell us down below.

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