Image: Berzerk Studio

Since launch back in 2018, Berzerk Studio's musical bullet hell Just Shapes & Beats has received a couple of free updates including a hardcore mode and remixes featuring indie game stalwart Shovel Knight (who we believe is legally required to feature in all the video games in some capacity). Today (23rd July) Berzerk is releasing another update in the form of 'The Lost Chapter'.

Since the start of the month the studio has been teasing new tracks for the update, which — true to its name — is an extra chapter for the story mode, one which slots in between the first and second chapters. It also includes a remix of a track from Undertale.

Here's the full lowdown from the PR blurb, plus a look at the track teases previously revealed on Twitter:

This update contains a previously lost chapter to the story-line that could not be included in the original release for *reasons*.

The 5 songs include a mix of well known artists and newcomers to the roster of contributors to the game such as F-777, MDK, Kommisar and Shirobon. Written specifically for the update, Shirobon’s Remix of Spider Dance, from the cult favorite Undertale, will serve as the music for an all-new boss fight.

As with all previous updates to the game, owners of Just Shapes & Beats will receive The Lost Chapter for the additional low low price of
nothing, able to be unlocked upon launch.

The update is coming to all platforms and it's great to see extra story content for a title that we called "a celebratory explosion of the audio-visual in video games" in our glowing review. It really is a cracking game that's worth checking out if you're the least bit enthusiastic about chiptune VGM. It is both exactly what it says on the tin and so much more, and we're psyched to check out this new drop.

Let us know below if you'll be downloading The Lost Chapter.

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