Musical bullet hell action game Just Shapes & Beats is getting an update today introducing a new 'Hardcore' mode, plus support for four more languages.

In addition to adding German, Russian and Traditional and Simplified Chinese to the game, Hardcore difficulty is available for all the tracks and there's also a new set of Ranks to pick up. Canadian developer Berzerk Studio's previous update added five new tracks as well as Korean language support, minor tweaks and the requisite bugfixes.

For those of you who missed it, we really quite liked Just Shapes & Beats, not only awarding it 9/10 but also including it on our list of hidden gems on Switch. Here's another look at the launch trailer to jog your memory if it passed you by a year ago:

Will you accepting the challenge of the new hardcore mode? Did this one pass you by in the flood of brilliant games hitting the eShop in the past year? Let us know with a comment.