Zelda BotW
We do the cool-walking-away-from-explosions thing when we play too... Ahem. — Image: Peco

Zelda: Breath of the Wild features a number of terrifying foes – the Guardians and their light beam of doom have you running for your life in the game's early stages, and just as you get to grips with them, you then have the deadly centaur-like Lynel to deal with. Poor Link really has his work cut out.

For some players though, including YouTube user Peco, Guardians and Lynels are nothing but playthings that can be toyed with, humiliated, and absolutely obliterated. The video below is a montage of combat footage they've recorded, and while most of us would be pretty content after simply beating the game's toughest foes, you'll see that Peco takes things to a whole other level.

You're about to see Guardians be thrown around like frisbees, a moment where Link sits directly underneath a Lynel, provoking it into an attack that it simply can't pull off, and even a moment where Link (or Peco, we should say), causes utter destruction before walking away from an explosion Hollywood-style. This video has it all.

Impressive, huh? If only we could muster up just 1% of Peco's skill.

Let us know if you can pull off moves like this in the comments. We might even believe you.

[source youtube.com, via kotaku.com]