Lonely Mountains: Downhill, Thunderful and Megagon's excellent bike trial game, has received another new update that hopes to give players a "completely fresh" experience.

The update adds all-new Modifiers for the game's daily leaderboard competition Daily Rides, essentially giving experienced players new and unexpected ways to spend their time on track. You can expect to find new trail layouts, an overpowered Super Bike that'll have you racing down the mountain like never before, and even a "mind-twisting" Mirror Modifier, flipping each course in a similar vein to Mario Kart's Mirror Mode.

  • Mirrored Mode - the trail is horizontally mirrored, challenging everyone who already knows all the trails by heart
  • New Obstacles and Short Cuts - new obstacles will keep you on your toe or allow you to use new and unexpected short cuts
  • Changed Checkpoints - checkpoints have been moved, removed and/or added so you need to find completely new shortcuts and routes
  • Unlimited Sprinting - Infinite stamina, so sprint as long as you want!
  • Better Flying Control - in mid air the player can rotate the bike faster, allowing some nice stunts
  • Double Bonus - twice as many season points gives an extra incentive to participate today
  • And many more!

The new modifiers are part of Daily Rides' seventh season 'Summer Strolls', which also adds some beach-life outfits and accessories to the game.

Have you checked out Lonely Mountains: Downhill yourself? A paid DLC called 'Eldfjall Island', which launched towards the end of last year, is also available to grab from the eShop.