KK Slider plush

Update: Great news, folks. K.K. Slider is now available to order in the UK.

After a bit of a wait, our favourite musical pup can now be claimed from Build-A-Bear's UK site. Bundles are available for £32.50, and Tom Nook and Isabelle are still available, too!

Original Article (Wed 9th Jun, 2021 21:40 BST): We'll admit, we were a bit disappointed with the Build-A-Bear offerings back in April, when only Isabelle and Tom Nook were available. But things are starting to look up as everyone's favourite dog musician finally makes his way to the collection: K.K. Slider is about to become real.

KK Slider Plush
Image: Build-A-Bear

Along with his trusty (plush) guitar, the K.K. Slider plushie will, like his counterparts, include sounds when you press his lil hand. He doesn't have phrases, because he's a musician, not a talk...sician, so his sounds include either the opening theme song to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, or K.K. Disco.

Let's take a wee break to listen to the majesty of K.K. Disco, shall we?

What a great song.

The K.K. Slider Build-A-Bear plush will be available only in the US starting at 10:00am Central Time (that's 4pm UK time, or 11am Eastern), and the queues will open at 9:30am CT (3:30pm UK, 10:30 ET). Just head to the Build-A-Bear website at the queue start time (or follow the link in your email, if you're signed up to the mailing list) and you'll be directed to the waiting room. K.K. will be coming to the UK "soon", and you can sign up for updates here.

Let's just hope the waiting room is a little less chaotic this time, eh?