While it might seem like Ninjala could potentially generate a lot more interest on systems like the Xbox, PlayStation and PC - you know, platforms without a game called Splatoon, GungHo Online Entertainment isn't really interested (at least for now) in releasing the team-based bubble gum brawler elsewhere.

In an interview with GamesBeat, GungHo president Kazuki Morishita was asked about the possibility of the game coming to other platforms in relation to the possible addition of cross-play. While the team doesn't necessarily want to limit Ninjala to one platform, right now they feel the Switch is the most suitable platform. It's also got "a lot of drive" from Nintendo, apparently:

Do you want to go beyond the Switch to other platforms and enable cross-communication between those platforms?

"We don’t want to restrict the game to one platform, but to be honest, Ninjala goes really well with the Nintendo Switch. I don’t think that expanding to other platforms is a bad idea, but currently Ninjala has a lot of drive from Nintendo behind it, and we think the Switch is the most suitable platform at the moment."

Perhaps if interest drops or updates begin to slow down, these will be the next steps to help increase the lifespan of the game.

Ninjala celebrated its one-year anniversary last month. Since its launch, the free-to-play title available on the Switch eShop has surpassed more than seven million downloads worldwide. Currently, it's hosting a special Demon Slayer anime collab.

Would you like to see this game on other platforms? How about a cross-play feature? Are you still playing Ninjala on the Nintendo Switch? Share your thoughts down below.