Bored of 'Switch Pro' rumours? Well, feast your eyes on this custom-made, beefed-up Wii U that could put any official hardware revision to shame. Maybe.

Yes, Reddit user orlandots has shared a custom modification project that has transformed a Wii U into a, well, slightly better Wii U. This new beast includes a built-in SSD as well as four integrated GameCube controller ports, negating the need for the official adaptor.

A completely ruined disc slot aside, it actually looks kind of good? Here's how it all happened:

We've previously seen fans cram a fully functioning Wii into a custom Game Boy Color-sized machine, as well as a homemade portable N64 system, so this is the latest in a long line of impressive fan mods.

If you are desperate for a 'Switch Pro', why not just tear your original one open, plop some fancy next-gen tech inside and stick it all back together again? No, please, definitely don't do that.

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