It's incredible that Link's house in Breath of the Wild has captured the public imagination so, considering that it's A) not a very interesting house and B) Link spends about as much time in there as he does with Zelda.

Yet, we've had people building the thing in LEGO and in miniature, as well as giving it a price estimate, and modding it to make it a wee bit more useful to its owner — and now, we've even got Link's house in Far Cry 5.

Resident Services

Using in-game building tools, YouTuber Mojo Swaptops has created quite a few different vignettes, including the Resident Services building from Animal Crossing: New Horizons in Far Cry 5 and Hyrule Castle in Halo 5. Plus, although it's not Nintendo-related, we are also quite taken with Mojo's addition of Greggs bakeries to the Far Cry 5 world, which, in our estimate, would make the game roughly 2000% better.

Of course, both Link's house and the Resident Services building are just exteriors, but, given that this is Far Cry, we imagine they're full of cult leaders and crates of dynamite.

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