In a world filled to the brim with excellent platformers, how do you create a new game in the genre that does something a little different? Well, how about stripping away all of the features that make it a platformer in the first place?

Missing Features: 2D does exactly that, tasking players with not only unlocking new stages and abilities, but also the game's fundamental mechanics and assets, too. You see, when the game boots up for the first time it fails to load everything correctly (on purpose), leaving it up to you to unlock your player character model, their running animations, and a variety of gameplay mechanics to essentially 'create' the platformer game you're playing as you go.

Confused? Make sure to watch the trailer up above!

The great news is that the game's available to play on Switch as we speak and is currently enjoying a 50% launch discount – yes, even some of the asking price is missing. At the time of writing, you can buy this one for just £1.79 / $1.99, so feel free to go ahead and download it if you're intrigued.

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