When Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl got revealed earlier this year, one of the major talking points was about the graphics and top-down chibi art style. In our very own poll, fans said they expected more from Pokémon games on Switch and wanted the remakes to look more like Sword and Shield.

Around the same time, a fan shared their own two-minute concept trailer - showcasing the Sinnoh region in a style similar to Sword and Shield. Now, months on, the same digital artist millenniumloops has released an extended concept - renamed Pokémon Adventures Sinnoh, with some assistance from @dream_caster95.

The four-minute clip seems to take some artistic inspiration from Pokémon Legends: Arceus. In it, you can see the many environments of Sinnoh, the trainer riding many different Pokémon, customisation options, mega evolutions in battle and even some legendary encounters.

Keep in mind, this is all just a concept (not an actual game) - but it sure is impressive, considering it's a fan-made effort.

[source youtu.be, via nintendosoup.com]